Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Gears of War 3: Old School

By now, hopefully everyone has heard of the new playlists for Gears 3. After consulting with the community, Epic decided to consolidate the playlists. One of the greatest playlists, is a little something called "Old School".

As the name suggests, this takes us back to a time, long ago. 4 v 4. No stopping power. Lancer/Gnasher starting weapons. No retro, hammerburst, or sawed-off weapon spawns. Playable on both Execution and KoTH, this mode combines Alpha and Zeta gametypes, bringing a larger player base.

While Zeta searches could last for 10+ minutes, and Alpha even longer, Old School takes a few seconds at most. Jumping into a match with these weapons brings back so many good memories of fast action and the adrenaline the game has been missing.

There are many functions and weapons that are new to the series that still exist. Smoke stuns, ink stuns, digger launchers, mantle kicks, etc. All of these are present. While this may seem contradictory to making it truly "Old School", these functions actually serve a better purpose in this playlist. Without stopping power, these issues are relatively easy to counteract, since you are not being held in place.

The changes to the weapons are for the better, with the gnasher losing it's overpowering Active Reload damage. The lancer AR reduction and slightly faster RoF still make it a contender without the stopping power. Strategy definitely comes into play, however there is more of a chance to Rambo it and still dominate. The 4 v 4 is a little disheartening, since we've all gotten used to a 5 v 5 setting over the last several years, but it makes no large impact.

KoTH is a 1 round, 210 point match. The overtime drain can be a little problematic at first, but it helps to make a large comeback if you are down by a few points. Execution is set to 4 rounds to make the game go by faster. While it doesn't seem like the matches last long enough, the 4 v 4 setting and fast paced action make the matches extremely enjoyable.

All in all, the Old School playlist ties only Guardian for my favorite gametype. If you haven't tried it yet, I strongly suggest you get on Gears, grab a few buddies, and don't look at the clock. You'll be amazed at how fast time flies when you're having fun.


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