Friday, July 27, 2012

SquidGrip Product Review

Alleviates sweaty hands
Beautiful looking on the controller
Easy to apply

Non-transferable between controllers

Do your hands get sweaty when you're playing? Slippery controllers messing with your mad skillz? Controller looking a little drab? Then you need SquidGrips.

SquidGrips are a controller accessory that wraps around the handles for a tighter grip. The moisture-wicking design removes any sweat from your hands, giving you much greater control over the controller. The soft padding helps to cushion your hands as well, making playing for longer periods of time much more comfortable.

The design of the grips keep the controller from looking, or feeling, bulky. While I cannot attest to how they may look on LE design controllers (E.G. Gears 3, MW3, Halo Reach), on the silver/gray D-Pad controller they accentuate the appearance very nicely.

As for putting them on? Simply peel, stick and smooth them onto the controllers handles. To put mine on, it took longer to open the box than to apply them. Once on the controller however, they have to stay there. Removing the grips makes them pretty much useless. Even a slow, deliberate motion can cause them to tear and the foam to stick to the surface. The adhesive is extremely easy to clean off the controller, so that's a major plus.

As for the price, I'd gladly pay $15.00 for better performance and more comfortable hands. I've been using them for several months and I can't stand going back to a regular controller. I need my SquidGrips. Try em out. Warning: You may become as addicted as I am.

Overall Score: 10/10

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