Sunday, July 29, 2012

Turtle Beach X41 Review

7.1 Surround sound
Completely wireless
Removable boom mic
Almost all parts can be replaced


Frequent Audio pop
Occasional signal drop
2.4 Ghz allows for interference
AAA batteries last a few days at most (roughly 15-20 hours of play)

Bottom Line:

The Turtle Beach X41’s are a great gaming headset. The sound quality is good and the surround sound is spot on. You can easily hear enemies in a complete 360 degrees. The volume of each step is done well, and you won’t mistake an enemy 20 feet away with the one 50 feet out.

It works standard with any media form over the Xbox 360. Music takes you to a concert setting. A movie streamed on Netflix feels like a theater, rather than your couch.. They can also work with a Playstation 3 or Wii, but the voice chat is restricted to Xbox 360 only. The headphones are not merely restricted to a console, however.

With Dolby Digital & Dolby Pro logic Iix processors, it easily handles digital and stereo. The base component houses two jacks. The first one allows you to connect to any digital audio connection, while the second can be used with analog signal using a set of stereo cables (Red/White). Any audio source becomes your own home theater system. Hook it up to your DVD player for a night at the movies, or plug it into your television to watch your favorite programs.

The biggest downside is the audio pops. They occur fairly frequently (in the space of 4 hours a night on average they occur 9-10 times). While mostly an annoyance, they can also be painful if you have the volume up too high. They also occur any time you mute/unmute the microphone or move beyond the range of the housing station (about 20-25 feet). Dropouts occur much less, but still maintain an average of 2-3 in a night. These last for only a few seconds, but they can sometimes cause you to miss a crucial piece during a dialogue. Having a microwave running can be a painful experience, as the headset will pop and crackle for the entire duration. If you are making a late night hot pocket or burrito, take the headset off.

Another small annoyance occurs when you have the base too close to the Xbox. Doing so produces a constant buzz in the background noise. It does not interfere with any game sound or dialogue, and after a while you forget it’s even there, but that can take a week or two to completely overlook it.

Overall the headset is great. It works with just about any system you can toss at it, and the price is good for the quality. Some headsets have knocked out the minor problems this headset has, but the price difference can be upwards of an extra $100.00 I would recommend this headset for both casual players and the more hardcore. It does everything I need it to, without costing me my mortgage payment.

Overall Score: 8.0/10

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  1. I have the X41 and also the audio pops.
    Like you already said, 2.4 GHz (which is your basic WiFi) interferes with the headset.
    I always turn my WiFi on my iPad and smartphone off and then I have no issues at all.
    There are also a lot of routers who support 5GHz, which should result in no interference at all, but haven't tested that yet.