Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Xbox 720? Or Xbox Infinity?

Many gamers are excited to hear about new console releases. We wait on the edge of our seats to hear the "Next Big Thing" in console gaming. And for many, the name can make all the difference. How many would have bought the Xbox 360 if it had simply been named "Xbox 2"?

This is where I think Playstation went wrong, and also where it went right. Because they were the first to put out a new console, Xbox would have looked like a mere copycat going with a name like "2", giving Playstation the monopoly on Consecutive console names.

For Microsoft, this means brainstorming creative names to capture gamers' attention. The rumored "Xbox 720" lacks creativity, and the further rumor of "Xbox 8" (possibly due to the use of Windows 8?) sounds even worse. The name needs pizazz. It needs to stand out. So the idea of taking that 8 and rotating it 90°, turns that lowly 8 into ∞. Infinity.
For Microsoft, This could be a jump in the sales to keep them ahead of the Competition. Name means everything in a product. Hopefully Microsoft understand this and capitilizes.

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  1. I will never by a Sony product again. Infinity sounds like a wicked idea.