Monday, August 6, 2012

Did Microsoft Inadvertantly Reveal the Newest Xbox Name?

With the newest Xbox possibly mere months away from being announced, an inadvertent slip may have revealed the name of the newest addition to the Console lineup. During the trailer for the movie, Real Steel (2011, Hugh Jackman) the camera pans over the audience. A banner hangs over the fans, showing the sponsors of the arena.

Now, this is by no means real, especially as this is a movie from 2011, and no official word has been given on the name. It does give us something to think about, however. The name makes sense, but it feels more like a backtrack, rather than the leap forward that the console needs to make the numbers.

Are we just being duped? Was the movie just tossing in a popular ad, merely photoshopped? Is it meant to show the "Futuristic" setting the movie takes place in? Or was this a sneaky move by Microsoft to build more hype for the newest generation consoles?

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