Monday, August 13, 2012

Epic Games Buys People Can Fly

People Can Fly, developers of the Painkiller Series, Bulletstorm, and most recently, Gears of War: Judgment, have been purchased by Epic Games. Having worked with Epic's Unreal Engine on several games, the two companies have history together. PCF was responsible for a lot of the Gears of War PC port and collaborated in part on Gears 2.  Having purchased a majority stock in 2007, Epic made the decision recently to buy out the company.

Three key employees left PCF at this time, including the founder Adrian Chmielarz. With PCF making the campaign for Gears: Judgment, many have wondered if this will affect the game. Adrian anticipated this and sent the following tweet: "Gears fans, you're going to love Judgment. It's in great hands. And don't worry, you'll hear about my plans soon enough." Thank you Adrian for the wonderful gaming experiences we've had from you and your team.

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