Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gears of War: Judgment FFA (A Closer Look)

With news coming out just yesterday about a Free-for-All mode in Judgment, we are treated to an even better experience with the release of not one, but TWO videos showcasing the FFA mode. This article will do an in-depth rundown of some of the new (and returning) features of this new game mode.

  1. 0:04 We see the mantle kick will be returning. Innovative but risky, as it caused a lot of problems in Gears 3 due to the inconsistency of the range.
  2. 0:09 We get the first look at a new possible feature in FFA. Bypassing the Down But Not Out rule. As you will see in the vid, characters do not go DBNO, merely die. Whether this is only for the vid, the gametype, or all-encompassing we do not know.
  3. 0:11 Brings us back to the Retro Charge from Gears 3. Obviously the weapon was not going to be removed and it appears neither is the charge. It also does not appear to show any signs of the stopping power mechanic. Ribbons and weapon progress return as well.
  4. 0:16 Baird appears to be glowing blue (possible health regeneration pickup?) and a few seconds later we see the retro is still very powerful with the same amount of recoil as Gears 3.
  5. 0:23 Boomshot is back with a vengeance, but we also see the first bit of a permanent crosshair (slightly faded) even when hipfiring.
  6. 0:34 First look at the new weapon "BreechShot" but more importantly, the grenades seem to stick to the surface they hit (a couple others bounced, so this may just be a video fluke). Useful when flushing out camping opponents if that feature is available.
  7. 0:40 First look at how the BreechShot fires, reloads, and kills. Four shot bolt action rifle. One shot headshot. Locust themed.
  8. 0:55 Mortar is back obviously.
  1. 0:01 New Lancer gameplay.
  2. 0:02 New Grenade stick(?) feature and toss
  3. 0:07 Good look at the interior of the map Library
  4. 0:17 Better BreechShot footage.
  5. 0:24 Broader interior look at the map. High ground area.
  6. 0:32 Showing odd character glow (again possible health regeneration pickup?), CQC area, faded hipfire reticule, mantle kick animation, and a hidden panel door disguised as a bookcase.
  7. 0:44 Vulcan is now included in Multiplayer. Devastating, but ammo does not last long. Second character killed appears to be using a Sawed-off which means a return of the weapon.
  8. 0:51 Sophia activating a sliding bookcase panel. New sniper rifle(?) on her back, green color. Digger makes a return as does the One Shot. Definite confirmation of Sawed-off returning.
So there you have it! Our first glimpse into some of the traditional multiplayer for Gears of War: Judgment. Be sure to comment below about things you like or things you are nervous about. Enjoy!


  1. What is that green gun on Sophia's back?

    1. Possible new sniper rifle? COG's answer to the BreechShot? No gameplay of it yet.

    2. It resembles a sniper. Like the one Pad used in the comics.

  2. dont like permanent crosshair... And i think execution rules would be much better for this mode. Not too impressed with what I am seeing here overall.

    1. theres no point to going dbno in a free for all so all the kills would be stolen it simply wouldnt work

  3. the maps are really nice looking, the new breechshot could be a campers paradise though

  4. Nice breakdown. Btw, it looks like a mobile Vulcan cannon; there doesn't seem to be an ammo box so the player can move around with it.