Monday, August 27, 2012

Gears of War: Judgment Free For All

Gears of War has always been a team oriented game. You rely on your teammates to support you in your mutual goal to decimate your opponents by any means necessary. The addition of Wingman made that even more of a challenge, since it was just you and your brother-in-arms to fight off other teams of two. Now Judgment is shaking it up again.

Newly announced, Judgment will feature a Free-for-All gametype! One man, alone against the world. There are no friends this time. There are only foes. Test your mettle against your enemies, whose only desire is total domination.

New info on this game mode will hit over the next few weeks, and I imagine we will get a few new tidbits at PAX Prime (Aug 31st-Sep 2nd).


  1. I never thought I would see this happen in Gears, but I'm sure there will be plenty of more game types. It doesn't hurt to have one FFA game mode. The picture shows only COGs, but I wonder if Locust will be mixed in too. I'm sure they will, just wondering.

  2. this could be very very interesting and fun , i want too see more on how this will play out

  3. Looks like fun and another way for me to get destroyed in MP.