Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Halo 4 MP: What's Your Specialty?

Halo 4. The dream of many a gamer finally coming true. We've been waiting for this for a long time. November can't come soon enough. I'm trying not to go insane waiting for this game to finally hit the shelf and be in my disc tray so I can ignore the outside world. Stupid world with its stupid sunshine wanting me to go to my stupid job... But I digress.

While everyone wants to continue the fight, a lot of people are wanting to jump into the multiplayer. Spartan v Spartan. Testing yourself on the greatest futuristic battlefield of all the future. What was your role in Halo 3? Sniper? Stalker? Creeping with the shotgun? Invisible assassin? Maybe a watchdog for weapon respawns or maybe you were a jack of all trades and grabbed anything you could kill with. Halo 4 makes those specialties even more defined. Let's look at them.

First of all, we need to go through what these specializations mean to the MP. You get 10 levels of extra customizations. 9 levels are designated for Armor sets, Armor skins, weapon skins, emblems, visor color, etc. Cosmetic stuff. Who doesn't like making a pink Spartan with a Unicorn emblem? I know I sure do! But the 10th level is what we're interested in. Your gameplay modifying perk. Let's see what those are. Oh, and only two of these are available at launch unless you buy the Limited Edition. Then you get all 8. So spend the extra cash.

First one up is Wetwork. This one is available at launch. Spartan IV's make a lot of noise running around the arena, so this one may appeal to those who want to be lighter on their feet. Sound dampening will muffle your steps while sprinting giving you a chance to make a more silent kill. Assassination animations also end faster allowing you to hit and run. Anyone using Promethean vision (which makes you show up as a red figure through walls) now they only see a figure outline.


Pioneer is the second one available at launch. Fast Track mod nets you a faster experience rate, getting you closer to your goals. Loadouts can be changed mid match, but Fast Track only gives you the extra EXP speed for as long as it was active. No cheating by switching it at the end.

Move on to the Engineer. Weapon drops, as we already know, are dynamic in both location and loot. A rocket launcher? Nope. Plasma Pistol. And you might have to sprint across the map or it may land directly in front of you. No one knows. Oh wait, except the Engineer. A few seconds before everyone else can spot the drop-pod plummeting down, the Engineer gets a HUD arrow pointing to the location.

Complimenting the Engineer is the Tracker. Get to the drop pod and find out it's a plasma pistol. Or maybe it's a sniper and you suck with that. The Tracker allows you to perform a Drop Recon switch. This mod allows you to randomly gamble on a change of weapons in the pod. That plasma pistol is now a rocket launcher. Not a bad idea.

Let's get to the Rogue. This one is a sniper's dream. Did you constantly hate one lone bullet knocking out of zoom on that perfect triple headshot? The Rogue's stability mod removes that factor. Your reticule stays stable, allowing for that long range dome to be turned into a pile of goo.

Not good enough you say? Enter the Stalker. It's not how it sounds... Okay, it's EXACTLY like it sounds. But while most stalkers peek at girls in the shower (I'm looking at you Kale), this mod allows you to track your nemesis. The last guy that killed you, or even guys that just shot at you, are visible on your HUD. Revenge is a dish best served hot. Call em out to your team and watch those blips fade into nothingness.

Who likes turrets? Pathfinder may be right for you. Not only do you cool down the Warthog's chain gun faster, you can also move faster if you rip an entrenched turret and carry it around with you. This gunner mod makes me want to get in the back of that vehicle instead of being the one driving it.

Or maybe not. The last one is the Operator. He has a nifty little perk, and no it's not connecting calls to Albuquerque. Hate those damn plasma shots stopping you in your tracks? Not anymore. The wheelman armor mod stops their stopping of your unstoppable machine. You also recharge the vehicle's health a bit faster. These don't stack however. Several Operators in the same vehicle won't make an indestructible warthog. They apparently thought of everything. Clever girl.

We'll get a few nostalgia pieces back, as well as new goals to try and hit (Recon-esque), but the diverse Multiplayer seems a bit deeper down the rabbit hole than we probably expected. How do these changes make you feel? Excited? Nervous? Need a change of pants? Let us know in the comments.

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