Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Skyrim's Newest DLC: Hearthfire

A rumor no longer, Skyrim's new DLC is called Hearthfire. Obviously from the name we can assume it is about making a house, or new ways to renovate an existing home. Well, that would be correct. You now have the option of building a house wherever you want in Skyrim. On a mountain, in a valley, On top of someone else's house (evil grin)....

But whatever you decide, there are plenty of optional areas to add to your house.You can add a trophy room to admire your awesomeness. Maybe a garden to relax and prune some plants. Maybe toss in a few Crafting stations and altars to brighten up the spare room that you aren't inviting your in-laws to sleep in. That's right, no sleeping over here! Go to a hotel!

You can import livestock, hire a steward, employ a bard, or even adopt a child. Wait, a child? Oh that's just great. Bad enough we have to fight dragons now we have to fight runny noses and break our toes on the bedposts getting this kid a drink of water in the middle of the damn night!?!? Sorry, got a little personal there. Where was I?

Right, customization. You can add more mannequins which is a blessing since Solitude comes with a grand total of two. for 20,000 gold you'd think they could afford a couple more don't you? I mean seriously, it's 20,000 gold! I can buy 6 heavily enchanted swords for that price! It's absolutely ridiculous tha-... sorry carried away again. Not everything is fun and games, since your new home will be swarmed with skeevers, giants and those damn frostbite spiders. Pest Control is the duty of every homeowner.

Hearthfire will be available September 4th for a measly 400 MSP.

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  1. Well, that's looking good.
    I do think they should've released this before the Dawnguard, but hey thats just me.