Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Transformers: Fall of Cyrbertron Multiplayer Demo Hands-On

Anyone who grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons should remember the old Transformers tv show. Filled with horrible graphics, bad voice acting, miserable storylines, and the dreaded music that came with it. If you found yourself agreeing with any of those, you did not grow up with the show, you dirty liar.

Transformers was an awesome escape into gigantic robots who could turn into all the most awesome vehicles! It filled your mind with the possibility that every car or truck you saw was really an Autobot waiting to protect us all. It also made you fear hearing a jet pass over your head, as it could be another Decepticon about to wipe out your home.

Comics, movies, action figures, tv shows. Transformers has done it all. And in recent years, they've branched out into video games. Fantastic video games I must say. The graphics bring a childhood favorite to life. Filled with the old school designs, it turns the show into a controllable atmosphere. The storyline from the first one (War for Cybertron, 2010) was great, and the newest one (Fall of Cybertron) looks to be along those same lines.

But enough about the boring stuff. You want to know about the Multiplayer. I mean, the title itself is about the multiplayer. So lets get to the juicy stuff. The main four classes you can play as in the Demo are the Infiltrator, the Destroyer, the Titan, and the Scientist. Each comes with it's own unique power, vehicle and weapon assortment.

The Infiltrator is one of the fastest characters. It also is one of the smallest. Armed with a shotgun and heavy pistol, the ranges vary on effectiveness. The shotgun is mainly used for CQC with larger characters, as the spread will sometimes go around the smaller ones, like the Infiltrator and Scientist. The heavy pistol on the other hand, is extremely effective at all ranges. If you can hit the head, it gains you a distinctive advantage over your opponent. It's specialty power is cloaking. Your character turns invisible, a la Halo 3, only turning off once you run out of power or shoot your weapon. It turns into a 4 wheeled menace with machine gun turrets. Incredibly fast and agile, it makes it easy to evade your enemies and reappear across the map. Best used as a hit & run character.

The Destroyer is the explosive expert. It fires a pulse rifle which depletes an enemy's shield quickly. If used properly, it can help subdue a target fighting your teammate. The secondary weapon fires three rockets. Useful, but the long reload time means it should be your first shot, or your last shot. Combined with the pulse, it should turn your targets into scrap metal. The special ability projects a force shield that blocks incoming fire, but lets you shoot out. Strategically placed, they have to come to you. The transformation allows you to turn into a large Humvee-like vehicle, that can fire three rockets simultaneously. Slower than the Infiltrator, this truck is used more as a battering ram.

The Titan is just what it's name suggests. This massive machine has the greatest amount of health in the game, which makes up for it's very slow movement. The Energon harvester is mainly a mantle piece. For show, not for dough. Your real weapon is the turret mounted to your arm. It deals a lot of damage, very quickly. The specialty attack is a spinning tornado of blades. Seriously, don't touch. As for the vehicle? How do you like tanks?

Now on to the Scientist. Hands down the most fun character. The machine gun? Very nice. The targeting laser that affects enemy shields? Pretty cool. How about the special ability to heal nearby teammates? Extremely useful. But that's not what I am talking about. I am talking about the transformation. A jet ladies and gentleman. Your own personal fighter jet, able to appear and disappear at will. Armed with vehicle seeking rockets, this bad boy gets you to all the high places to become a bird of prey. While it can certainly boost across the map effortlessly, it can also hover. Picking off targets has never been so easy. The most useful setting for this character is in the Objective mode.

Speaking of modes, you are given two options. The standard Team Deathmatch (TDM), and a multiple hill Objective mode. TDM is first to 40, while the Objective mode is first to 400. Killing is important in both, but locking down Energon nodes in Objective is key. The more nodes in your possession, the faster you score points.

Now to a few notes. One of the least used weapons (which isn't saying much) is the blade that comes out of your hand. It's a devastating melee that can do a good amount of damage. It should only be used as a last resort, or to gain an advantage on an unsuspecting opponent early on. Not recommended against Titans unless you're about to die. Also, if you find yourself low on health or ammo, located around the map are a few items that may be of interest to you. If you find a glowing cube (there are two on the map) that gives you back all your health and shields. Useful if you know where they are. As for your ammo count, you will see what looks like glowing ammo magazines. This will bring all your ammo to max.

Overall, this demo is extremely fun. The transformations are spot on to what fans like myself have been wishing for, and you'll find yourself transforming back and forth just for fun. If you have 2 GB free on your hard drive, download it and try it. If not, delete something and download it anyway. Hope to destroy you later!

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