Monday, September 10, 2012

13 Year Old Girl Steals Car to Visit XBL Boyfriend

Love, (or rather "Puppy Love") can be an extremely powerful emotion. Puppy Love even more so. Puppy Love is considered to be infatuation while a young teenager, making judgment on their actions very difficult to control or predict.

This is certainly the case with Beth Robinson. Beth is 13 and a gamer on Xbox Live. She met and became friends with a 12 year old boy, Dylan, and they soon became infatuated with each other. When Beth's dad decided he didn't approve of his daughter gaming and "chatting" with an unknown boy over the internet, Beth went a little crazy.

Stealing her brother's car, and her mother's ATM card, Beth made the trek to Dylan's house. Another problem? Beth lives in Houston while Dylan lives in Hodgenville, Kentucky. Beth made it to Nashville before being stopped by police who had been alerted to watch for the teenager. For someone who isn't licensed to drive (and I'm betting her parents won't be getting her a permit for many years to come), making a 13 hour trek is impressive.

Beth has since been reunited with her family, and it looks as if no harm has been done. Although I'm pretty sure she's grounded until she turns 18 and there won't be any XBL in her immediate future.

Ah Xbox. Where chatting with other players can be an emotional experience. In fact, me and my wife met on XBL. However, we were 20 years old. Hopefully there won't be more of these incidents to come, but we all know that's not the case.


  1. Omg do u always have to tell people!!! ♥ no xbl for the kids

    1. Oh they can play XBL. They just can't have any friends.