Tuesday, September 4, 2012

GOW Judgment FFA: What We Know so Far

Gears of War: Judgment was at PAX Prime this weekend. A lot of gamers got their hands on the Free For All gametype to give it a thorough test. The purpose of which is to obviously work out the kinks. But another thing we got out of it, was a good amount of info. I should mention these are rough builds of the gametype. Nothing will be finalized until the game launches or at Epic's say so.

  • Ten players confirmed.
  • Character skins are not confirmed but multiple videos show Gears 3 characters and Judgment characters. Gears 3 characters are possibly placeholders.

  • Frag grenades now can stick opponents to "reward players who have good accuracy."
  • You spawn with a medium-damage Frag in FFA.
  • Grenade wall plants are disabled.
  • Tagging can still be done to players by holding LB and pressing B.
  • Grenades can be aimed by holding LB.
  • Ink grenade no longer stuns.
  • Ink grenades have larger AoE (Area of Effect) and DPS (Damage/second). Can be used as deterrents for halls, weapon pickups, doorways. Cannot be rolled or run through without doing DBNO (Down But Not Out).
  • Grenade counter next to weapon ammo in your HUD.
  • Grenades glow to more accurately outline them
  • Frag grenade damage has been lowered.

Loadouts & Weapon Swaps
  • When spawning, you can choose between Lancer and Hammerburst for a primary, Snub for secondary.
  • In order to pick up a different secondary, you must switch to your Snub pistol and change out that weapon. Otherwise you will change out your Primary weapon.
  • Weapon pickups have a faster animation than previous Gears installments.

  • Power Weapon.
  • One shot headshot, but if you aim for the body, it takes 3 shots to kill.

  • All rifles (Lancer, Hammerburst, Retro lancer) have the same damage settings as Gears 3.
  • Retro Lancer is confirmed to be returning. Retro Charge is confirmed to return. Retro is a pickup weapon in FFA.
  • Failed Retro charge appears to do less damage than Gears 3.

  • Sawed-off is confirmed to be returning. Damage setting is unknown. Pickup Weapon in FFA.
  • Gnasher is returning. Damage setting unknown. Pickup weapon in FFA.

  • Weapon skins are returning. Flaming Lancer, Immulsion Hammerburst spotted in PAX videos.
  • Decals & Skins not confined to weapons.

Weapon Control Changes
  • Tap "Y" to switch between primary/secondary weapons. Faster animation.
  • Hold "Y" to switch to pistol.
  • Tap "LB" to throw grenades. Overhand throw.
  • Hold "LB" to aim grenades. Underhand throw.
  • Hold "LB" and press "B" to tag grenades to players.
  • Tac-Com is now toggled through the D-Pad.
  • Press forward and "A" to mantle cover and also mantle kick.

Alternate Weapon Controls
  • "X" to run and dive.
  • "A" to take cover.
  • Hold "RB" to pickup weapons.
  • Tap "RB" to reload (takes priority over weapon pickup).
  • Down on D-Pad for Tac-Com. 

  • Cross-hairs are permanent when hip firing or hard aiming.
  • Hip fire cross-hairs fade, but still turn red when on an enemy.
  • Hard aim cross-hairs turn to full brightness.

Height Drops
  • You can roll or run off high ledges, up to "Two Stories" according to developers.
  • Slight fall damage when taking this course of action.
  • You can chainsaw/shoot enemies while falling.

  • Smoke is emitted when the chainsaw is revved.
  • Time between revving and being immune to stun has been increased from Gears 3 levels.

Health Regenerator
  • Pickup/Active effect.
  • Gives the player bursts of health to give a battle advantage.
  • Cannot survive one shot kills (Chainsaw, Retro charge, headshot, Gnasher gib, etc.)

  • Maps are designed for individual modes.
  • Gondola and Library are the two maps showcased.
  • Maps for FFA are more height based.

  • Spawn time is reduced.
  • Spawn protection time is reduced.

  • Stopping power is removed.
  • Retro and DBS will be altered.
  • Mantle kick is under review for consistency.
  • No active reload bonus.
 So there you have it! FFA looks to be a fast paced and very entertaining game mode. I hope everyone can enjoy it when the game launches March 19th, 2013. Below are videos from PAX for your enjoyment.


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