Friday, September 28, 2012

Halo 4 Goes Gold

Frank O'Conner announced during a press release on September 26th that Halo 4 is officially done and the 2-disc sequel to the acclaimed Halo 3 has gone gold. 300 people made this accomplishment happen over the last several years, and they are quite pleased with their work.

Some of the changes from the original trilogy is the native 720p resolution. Players should be aware however, that the game is not as pretty as the screenshots (but no game ever is). The engine has also changed and includes many improvements over the original. Blur motion changes allows the 30fps visuals to run smoother than previous games. They have kept some select pieces from the old engine, including player feel, since that will allow the transition easier to make for older fans, but mostly it's been a tear down and rebuild project. Lighting and network code were enhanced while graphics and audio were changed to make the most out of the 360's power.

Halo 3 Valhalla
We also got a nice bit of info about the remake of a fan favorite map. Valhalla comes to Halo 4 under the name "Ragnarok". For those not well versed in Norse mythology, Valhalla was the hall of the gods, ruled over by Odin in the realm of Asgard. Ragnarok is the end of the world and many of the Norse gods. See? Video games can be educational. Take that high school guidance counselors! Anyways, enough with the history lesson. Valhalla was a fan favorite map due to the wide open space with a large hill separating the two bases. Vehicles didn't hurt either as there were two banshees and warthogs, as well as several mongooses. A very good CTF map, it was also fun for Team Slayer and Shotty Snipes. If you aren't familiar with the map, grab a cheap copy of Halo 3 and jump online for a bit.

Halo 4 is getting closer and closer. Do you have your ammo loaded? I hope so. The battle resumes November 6th, 2012.

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