Monday, September 24, 2012

Halo 4 Infection Mode Adds Flood Forms In Place of Zombies

When players originally read "Infection" as a game mode in the Halo series, many theorized we would get to play as The Flood. Obviously, we were merely super soldier zombies with energy swords and gravity hammers. Sometimes we had extra speed, sometimes low gravity. But it all ended the same way. Survivors either held out against the zombie outbreak (which did nothing to our Mjolnir suits apparently, so how the hell did we get infected in the first place?), or they all ended up skewered on a sword. In Halo 4, that has finally changed.

Halo 4 recently had a press embargo lifted, which granted players the information about a new Infection mode called "Flood". In it, 10 players square off. 8 survivors, and 2 alpha zombies. Zombie players will take the appearance of Combat Form Flood creatures. What used to be human, is now part of a collective with an insatiable hunger. Where regular zombie players gave us a little jolt of panic when you were surrounded, the Flood adds an even greater sense of fear. Instead of swords, Flood players use deadly claws to rip past your armor, into the flesh beneath. They also get enhanced vision, but more info will be announced on those specifics at a later date.

Most of us Halo veterans remember the first time we ran into the Flood on Halo:CE. Small hallways, glass containers, blood everywhere along with the guns of fallen comrades, a video that shows the horrific attack of Flood forms. All of it gave me the shivers and I'm certain it did for most players. This will definitely add a new element to the Infection game mode. Shotgunning a charging zombie was nothing compared to the adrenaline rush that Flood forms will give you.

Halo 4 launches November 6th, 2012.

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