Monday, September 17, 2012

The Enemies of Halo 4

Halo 4 launches in 50 days. Even before we begin, the barriers toward our success are mounting. Creatures more powerful than anything Master Chief has faced before stand in our way, both in survival and rescue of the crew on Infinity (UNSC Ship). In this article we take an in-depth look at the enemies we will be facing.

Prometheans. An elite Forerunner class based on Requiem, their goal is to defend the planet at any cost. Commanded by the Didact, leader of the Prometheans, they were the greatest warriors during the human/Forerunner war (and also during the early Flood wars). Organic Prometheans stood about 13 feet tall (4 Meters) and weighed approximately 1800-2200 lbs (800-1000 Kilos). The ones we face are neither organic, nor robotic. They are technological AI's that are modeled after their creators. Make no mistake, they are Prometheans.

The Promethean Crawler is a four legged wolf-like creature. Well, if wolves carried laser rifles. They carry a boltsholt (Forerunner energy pistol) that makes them deadly in both CQC and at range. They usually travel in large packs and are designed to work in tandem to take down an opponent from every angle. Crawlers come in a standard variety, sniper variety and Alpha (leader of the pack) variety.

Promethean Watchers are large, flying sentinels that emerge from the armored back of a Promethean Knight. They carry boltshots and can summon Crawlers to the battle. Watchers have a handy ability that heals damaged Knights and can resurrect them when they are defeated. A gravity-displacement beam catches incoming projectiles, including grenades, and flings them back at the enemy. Mainly a battlefield distraction and a frustration, it is a good idea to remove them from the equation first.

The most devastating enemy is the Promethean Knight. Significantly different from their organic creators, Knights are no less deadly. Heavily armored, they are tough to beat in a 1-on-1 let alone with several coming at you. They are heavily armed with Forerunner weaponry. Light rifles and Suppressors are their weapons of choice, however Commanders will also carry Incineration Cannons and Autosentry turrets. They come in four classes. Standard, Lancer (Scout/Marksman class that use Promethean vision to see through cover), Commanders, and Battlewagons (carries Scattershot shotgun, orange patterns on face/body with orange spikes on spine).

Do you have what it takes?
The greatest enemy has yet to be revealed. The original commander of these forces, the Didact, might well be hidden on Requiem. His symbol appears on a console on the UNSC ship, Infinity, and also appears at the end of the trailer with someone saying "I have long dreamt of this day, Reclaimer."

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