Friday, September 14, 2012

Wii U Exclusive Bayonetta 2 Causing Some Rage

Platinum Games released Bayonetta players outside of Japan in January of 2010 for the Xbox 360 and PS3. It did fairly well for a new title, selling 1.35 million copies since launch, and it also has a sizable following.

Bayonetta is a third-person action title that follows the main character (Bayonetta) after she wakes up 500 years and finds herself in a new world with no memory of her past. It takes place in the fictional European city of Vigrid. Bayonetta is a witch. However, magic spells are not all she employs in battle. She is capable of shape shifting and carries four pistols. The plot of the story mainly focuses on her battling demons and angelic beings as she tries to regain her memories. The story is left unanswered and fans eagerly waited for news of a sequel.

That sequel is now here. The catch? It's a Wii U Exclusive. Platinum Games, which recently entered a partnership with Nintendo, has left the Xbox 360 and PS3 (Which Bayonetta first debuted) behind. This has caused a severe ripple of anger towards the emerging developer as fans grapple with the painful fact that if they want to finish the story, they need to shell out $360-$410 dollars (cost of the console and game).

Do you think the Nintendo partnership was advantageous enough for Platinum Games to make it an exclusive? Is Nintendo pulling the strings behind that curtain?Is it enough incentive to invest in The Wii U? Only time will tell.

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