Monday, October 29, 2012

Assassin's Creed III Launches Tuesday, October 30th

Assassin's Creed has always been a game that attempts to immerse you into a historical setting. While the assassinations are contrived events, it is interesting to learn that the deaths of the characters in the series were accurate in the time and place. Buildings are modeled after the actual cities. Designers spent months mapping, visiting, and learning the cities layouts to make it as accurate as possible. This shows real dedication of the developers to engage the fans and also teach them a little bit about history. It's Edutainment!

Assassin's Creed III is no different to this genre, but the setting is. Rather than a continuation of the Middle East or European setting, the society emerges onto the scene in colonial day America. Players take control of Conner Kenway, a half Native American, Half English character. Raised by the Mohawk tribe after a childhood tragedy, Conner dedicates his life to fighting injustice and tyranny.

"On this land, I am torn. Part of me wants to fight and repel all outsiders. The other part of me is the outsider. In the name of liberty, I will fight the enemy regardless of their allegiance. While men of courage write history of this day, the future of our land depends on those who are truly free." - Conner Kenway (Ratonhnhaké:ton)
Ubisoft has spent roughly 3 years developing this game, and with early reviews reporting it is the best game in the series yet, the time appears well worth it. Months of testing have been expended to smooth out the gameplay to make it as appealing as possible. A lot of new mechanics were added into the gameplay as well.

Dual wielding is now a common action. Swing your tomahawk while pulling out a flintlock pistol to shoot another opponent dead. Or pull out your trusty bow and pierce their heart. Rope darts can be thrown and used to yank an enemy off a steep cliff, resulting in a satisfying crunch from below.

Movement freedom allows players to climb trees, scale mountains, slide under obstacles or leap over wagons. These actions can be combined allowing Conner to leap from a window to a tree, and then using that tree to climb onto a rooftop.

All of this takes place during 1753- 1783, including the frontier battles during the Revolutionary War. Conner will be alongside historical figures such as George Washington, helping to thin out the Redcoats from the colonies. All of this takes place over several years (similar to the previous AC titles), however, they have added seasonal changes as well. The frontier is open and warm during the summer, with high snow drifts in the winter, which can slow your character down. Fast raging rivers will freeze allowing further exploration.

Assassin's Creed III looks to be a huge hit this year, and most likely will dwarf the previous games. We'll find out just how good this new game is tomorrow.

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