Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Halo 4 Avatar Armor for... Watching Presidential Debates?

The new Xbox 360 Election Hub keeps members informed about the Presidential election in the US. There will be a lot of traffic on this matter, because a large percentage of gamers are adults. To promote the new hub, Microsoft hopes the traffic may be larger with a little incentive.

Enter Halo 4 Avatar Armor. Avatar customizations being an incentive for certain purchases or participation is nothing new, but a potentially exclusive (and free) armor related to the biggest game of 2012? Definitely something to look at.
Microsoft offers this armor for viewing at least 30 minutes for any 3/4 debates. Debate dates and topics are Wednesday, October 6th (Domestic Policy / 9-10:30 pm EDT), Thursday, October 11th (Vice Presidential Foreign and domestic topics / 9-10:30 pm EDT), Tuesday, October 16th (Foreign and domestic issues / 9-10:30 pm EDT), and Monday, October 22th (Foreign policy / 9-10:30 pm EDT). Avatar Armor will unlock around November 1st, so watch and wear with pride.

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