Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halo 4 Devs Don't Tolerate XBL Sexism

Anyone who has played Xbox Live Multiplayer can easily tell you about all the times sexist remarks have been made to them personally, especially women. It's not a very friendly place most of the time, and these incidents seem to be on the rise over the last few years. Well, the Halo 4 developers at 343 Industries have something to say about that.

"It can be dangerous to give adolescents a broadcast mechanism," Kiki Wolfkill told GameSpot. "There are always going to be jerks out there, and if you give them a way to express that side of their personality without being seen, you're going to see this type of behaviour manifest itself."
A site I've been linked to by female players multiple times, Fat, Ugly or Slutty reveals many abusive messages they've received in the past. The site is more for amusement as these women are hardly off put by these remarks. Still, the situation does exist, and many feel they can be abusive.

"With Halo 4, we were very deliberate in thinking about who should be female and who should be male in the game," said Bonnie Ross, 343's studio head "and if we came off stereotypical, we went back to question what we were doing and why."
Bonnie also revealed that she feels her position at 343 has altered some stereotypes.

"Most people look at a franchise like Halo, and automatically assume it's run by a guy," she added. "People are surprised to learn that it's a woman who's running the Halo 4 show.
"When Microsoft created 343 Industries to take over Halo, I was given first choice to run the studio because I had proven myself. My gender played no part in it."
It's a little ironic then, that the main female character in the game is a nude AI with large breasts.

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