Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Man Arrested for Charging $9,000 in Virtual Currency to Employers Account

Addictions can be difficult to break, especially when dealing with gambling. It can cost you thousands of dollars in a very short amount of time. One man in China gambled he wouldn't get caught using company phones to fuel his other addiction: Video games.

Nicknamed "Xiao Zhu", this 23 year-old worked as a night guard for a company (unnamed). Zhu used a site called Tencent for his gaming habits. The site uses a form of currency known as Q coins, each coin costing 1 RMB (approx. $0.015) and can be charged over the phone. Zhu started using 1 or 2 phone lines in the office at any given time during his shift, but realizing he wasn't being caught, eventually used 40+ lines per night.

Over several months, the company wanted to figure out where the costs were coming from. These were not minor financial over sites that could be dismissed. Zhu had racked up a bill of over 60,000 Q coins (over $9,000). Figuring the cost was due to a corporate spy trying to undermine the company, they looked for patterns in the calls. Every one of them linked to Zhu's nighttime shifts, and it wasn't hard to put 2 and 2 together. Zhu is now in police custody. Hopefully the company can get their money back.

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