Saturday, November 10, 2012

343 Auctions Master Chief Helmet for Child's Play Charity

Everyone knows Child's Play. A fantastic charity that helps improve the lives of children who are hospitalized around the world. They show how the video game community can be generous and prove that we are sensitive (who hasn't cried once during all their years of playing games?). Child's Play delivers everything and wants kids to have a happier and healthier life through "The Power of Play".

There have been many charities done for Child's Play. Live Streams, like the ones provided by the Dedicated Servers Charity Team are a common one, auctions are another. This time, we have an auction.

343 has graciously donated a Halo 4 Master Chief helmet and stand, signed by the 343 team. The auction will donate 100% of the funds to Child's Play. The winner will also receive a new copy of Halo 4, which 343 will provide separately after the auction has been completed.

Get out there and support a great cause!


  1. great give away from the dedicated server crew , keep up the good work guys , you all are greatfor the gaming community

    1. Actually, the helmet is being donated by 343 for an eBay auction. I mentioned Dedicated servers because they have done Child's Play streams before.