Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fox News Reports Halo 4 Might Keep Gamers From Voting

Fox News has never been one to present a reasonable article on video games. Remember the Bulletstorm article that had experts screaming it was teaching 9 year-old children that violence with sexual innuendos was okay, or that the statistical increase of rape is directly linked to video games? Or that Mass Effect teaches kids about sodomy? How about the one that says Medal of Honor is anti-American?

Well, they've gone and stuck their foot in their mouth again. This time, it's about the seeming "coincidence" that Halo 4 launches on the same day as the 2012 Presidential election. Apparently some "experts" decided to weigh-in on the issue. Who's their experts? A PR Manager, a "games analyst", and a guy that used to wrestle for the WWE.

Mark LoCastro, a PR Manager (of what wasn't said) put in his two cents:

“I'm not voting this year. And if I look at the guys I game with and guess whether or not they'll vote, [only] about three out of eight will vote.”

Okay, so we have a guy saying why he's not voting. So he's answered his own decision, where's his formula that the majority won't vote? Apparently that didn't make it into the article.

Well, maybe the games analyst, Jon Peddie has something more enlightening:

“There will always be that percentage who are too cool, too cynical, and too ignorant to be bothered. I would guess that's between 10 and 15 percent of the kids of voting age. The idiots who can't get a date and look at the women's breasts in the games will definitely find Halo 4 more interesting than something that requires thinking."

Ummm.... yeah. Well, maybe Carlito, the ex-wrestler, will have more insight.

Ive been waiting for months! Im so excited to go vote & let my voice be heard! Wait...WHAT?HALO 4 is out today? Well...F%# voting then!!!

So maybe not. 343 had this to say:

“Halo 4 has supported a get-out-the-vote campaign for several months that began with voter recruitment efforts at major consumer events like New York Comic-Con, as well as a voter registration program on Xbox LIVE,” a spokesperson for Microsoft and developer 343 Industries told FoxNews.com. “Microsoft also partnered with Rock the Vote to encourage and facilitate voter registration. We’re continuing the message at major launch events this evening and more than 100 college campuses nationwide.”

That seems pretty straightforward from the developer, including this little image when you boot up the game:

Obviously there is no conspiracy on the game landing on the same date, especially since all major releases launch on a Tuesday to take advantage of the full week sales numbers. Nor the fact that the first couple weeks of November are highly prized for AAA titles to grab. But maybe Fox can redeem themselves and offer some proof to their claims.

While no one has hard data on whether Halo 4 gamers will influence the election, there is a logical argument that suggests Halo 4 could have some effect

Well, there goes that idea. Fox, please stick to politics and out of the gaming news. You're much better at the former. You just embarrass yourself with the latter. 

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