Friday, November 16, 2012

Halo 4 Waypoint Terminal Codes - Get Armor & XP

Great riches await on the Halo Waypoint. Accessing the "classified" section of the waypoint will lead you to this hidden terminal:

This terminal can be used to access certain armor unlocks, emblems, and XP bonuses based on the terminals in the game you have accessed and which Spartan Ops missions you have completed.

It may seem like random guessing, so I'll give a pic of some of the completed codes.

You will also need to complete some requirements to access them.
  • Raider Shoulders: Complete LandGrab
  • Raider Chest: Complete SniperAlley
  • Raider Helmet: Complete The Challenge 
All credit for these finds goes to the forum members of the Halo Waypoint site

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