Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I Shall Call Him.... Mini Wii (Updated)

I shall call him... Mini Wii

December 7th marks the newest Nintendo Console to date. I know what you're thinking, "isn't the Wii U the newest console? We just bought it a week and a half ago and already they have a new console out?" Well, technically that's the case. However, the newest console is really the last console, just in a smaller package.

The Wii Mini is more than likely a gimmick to increase Wii sales this Christmas season. With the Wii U out, people are obviously going to shy away from the traditional looking Wii for the newer version. However, if they can add a change to the current look, it may just reel some fans into buying the mini, or even fans with a current Wii into purchasing a second one.They've really pimped it out with the red and black color scheme. Downsides include no online connectivity or ability to play Gamecube games. While they couldn't have predicted it exactly, the fact that the Wii U has flown off the shelves and is sold out everywhere, this new version may just save their bacon when it comes to their kids' wishlist.

Update: According to one retailer, the price for the Wii Mini is $99.

Update 2: Wii Mini is exclusive to Canada.

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