Saturday, November 10, 2012

Microsoft Ups Xbox 360 USB Storage from 16 GB to 32 GB

With the Microsoft Xbox dashboard update comes a surprising bonus. Portable USB flash drives have been increased from their 16 GB limit to 32 GB. Now you can carry more data in a little 2-3 inch piece of plastic than you could for the original Xbox 360 Hard Drive. A Microsoft rep spoke with Joystiq and had this to say:

“Yes. The more our customers use their profile and download digital content, the larger the file size necessary to store that content and move it between consoles gets. Therefore we increased the size of the memory to enable our customers to take more of their Xbox profile with them on the go.”

So there you go. Seems a bit small compared to the Wii U's ability to connect to any size hard drive they want, but an increase is still an increase. Perhaps the Xbox 720 will offer us a different stance.

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