Friday, November 2, 2012

Playstation 4 Developer Kits Shipped

Concept Art for Playstation 4
Rumors about the Playstation 4 have been hitting the net for months. Sony has remained silent on the details of the next-gen console, but sources have now saying that Sony is unveiling some of the Playstation 4's details and specs.

This next round of rumors hints that Sony is discussing the new system (codenamed: Orbis) with major developers so they can get to work on next-gen titles. This time around, devs are getting an upgraded demo kit from the first round which merely showed off the graphics of the machine.

Sources close to the project gave us a glimpse of the system's hardware including:

  • AMD’s A10 APU
  • Blu-ray optical drive
  • 256GB hard-disk drive
  • 8GB or 16GB of RAM
  • Combination CPU and GPU single chip
  • Ethernet
  • Wi-Fi
  • HDMI
Sony is reportedly briefing developers on what they hope to achieve with the new console, including accessing the Playstation Store for game DLC without breaking an active gaming session.The user interface which has had troubles in the past will also be overhauled, according to the rumors.

Price wise, all they could get was “very affordable” but “isn’t a slouch”.

Playstation 4 is expected to hit store shelves by the end of next year.

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