Monday, November 5, 2012

WoW Live Stream Turns Interesting When Camera is Left On

World of Warcraft tries to immerse its players into the game. To act out the lives of your created characters. Live streams are viewed by many to give them tips, strategies, builds and many other reasons. One of those reasons apparently involves sex on live camera.

World of Warcraft player murdaralph had over 200,000 hits one night. But his viewing success had nothing to do with his trip to Pandaria. It had everything to do with him forgetting to turn his webcam off, or close down the live stream. He ended up having sexy time with his girlfriend live over the net, and fans saw everything.

He didn't notice the mistake until the next morning, at which point he realized he was screwed in more ways than one. His twitch account was closed as this violated one of the major rules of the service, and he had a lot of questions to answer, which he did on this Reddit post.

Obviously his girlfriend is not very happy with him, even though thousands of teenage guys probably are. Certainly broke up the monotony of watching others play a game. If you have a webcam in your bedroom, it's definitely best to turn it off before you actually go to bed. Especially with a woman over. Cause unless she's freaky like that, you're most likely going to find yourself single again.

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