Friday, December 7, 2012

Eurocom closes the gaming doors

Eurocom, who recently let go 150 employees in it's gaming department, was left with a meager staff of under 50 people. Today, they let the remaining staff go. The studio suffered from what all major developers go through. Cash flow shortage. Unfortunately, Eurocom had to shut down their video game development side of the business, closing the doors on a legacy of multiple game franchises, from James Bond to Harry Potter.
Newly appointed Administrator Dean Nelson stated: “Whilst this is unfortunately the end of the established Eurocom business, efforts are continuing behind the scenes to attract interested parties to Derby in order to help fill the void left by Eurocom. We are still hopeful that there will in the future be a specialist software business operating in Derby in place of Eurocom, but the focus will be completely different and therefore this is sadly the end of the console games development business.”
Eurogamer also went on to mention that shortage of gaming sales led to multiple contract delays, which ultimately resulted in the final nail in the coffin for the struggling developer.

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