Wednesday, December 12, 2012

GOW Judgment: New podcasts, screenshots, extended gameplay videos

Today Epic released a huge amount of Judgment info. Podcasts, screenshots and extended multiplayer gameplay videos are everywhere. I'll be posting the images and podcast links, as well as the three videos Epic released. You can catch the podcasts here and check out the Polygon interview with two members of the Judgment writing team, Tom Bissell and Rob Auten. For a more visual interview with the writing team, check out the IGN video.

Epic decided to remain true to the Gears story when writing Judgment. The bad-ass enemies remain, the desperate need for survival, the grueling horror when you come across your decimated friends. It gives it the same intense feeling from the previous Gears games.

The story is told through the eyes of Kilo Squad. Each mission is narrated by a different member of the Squad, and they rotate in turn laying out the events that take place in the game. You aren't playing what it is. You are shaping what it was.

Rager Locust
There are no overgrown ruins. No peaceful rest areas. No quiet zones where you don't even hear birds. The cities are alive, and they are burning. The locust number in the thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, converging on the last of the human strongholds. This is before the Hammer of Dawn global strikes wipe out a large amount of the enemy forces, so seeing them in small numbers isn't likely. All of the baddies we know from the old gaming days are present, and they've added even more.
This is Karn. Karn is mean.

But with new baddies comes new tools. Tools that go bang bang. Meet the Markza sniper rifle, and the Booshka grenade launcher.

The Markza is used more like a distance rifle than a sniper. Semi-automatic, it can pop heads and pierce flesh as easy as a chainsaw through butter. The locust version of this weapon is the Breechshot. It works the same way, it just adds a blade to the handle.

The Booshka is an interesting weapon. It replaces the original boomshot loadout for the Overrun 'Soldier' class. It holds 3 grenades before it has to reload. These grenades bounce when hitting walls and barriers, so it's quite useful for getting those corner campers.

Another little tidbit is the addition of two new grenade types, used in overrun. The Beacon, which shows enemy locations within its range, and the Stim gas grenade, which can revive DBNO players at a distance.

Both of these grenades will change strategies used in multiplayer. You need to be able to use them effectively, and also counter them aggressively.

Now we'll get into some of the videos.

Overrun on Junkyard

FFA on Street

Mansion Campaign Gameplay

Museum Campaign Gameplay

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  1. Tao , one question i have , is the Markza just for over run or will it be in MP as well