Friday, December 7, 2012

Mature Wii U eShop titles restricted until 11pm (Europe)

When console manufacturers do things without telling their gamers, there's usually a bit of backlash. Nintendo seems to like raising the stakes. In a seemingly unheard of move, Nintendo of Europe has blocked all 18+ titles on the eShop until, get this, 11 PM. Child account or not, all profiles have this new restriction placed on them. Gamers expecting to download games like ZombiU were suddenly finding themselves impeded by error pages.

What is the reasoning for this outrage? Well, it seems to stem from Germany and their weird entertainment laws. Digital distribution is supposed to be off limits to this sort of ruling, but Nintendo apparently wants to make nicey nice and play it safe. Bad move Nintendo. Gamers aren't gonna be happy waiting until that late at night to buy from your shop. This ain't a midnight release. You just put out a new console and you decide to pull a stunt like this when your console is already lagging behind your previous Wii?

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