Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mike Capps steps down as President of Epic Games

Announced today, Mike Capps, President of Epic Games Studios, has decided to retire from his presidential responsibilities to act in an advisory role. An excerpt from his community letter:
After dedicating a decade of my life to Epic, and with so many close friends here, it’s impossible to just walk away. I absolutely love this company. If you cut me, I think I probably bleed nanoblack and Imulsion. (Wow, just think about what mixing those would do…) Epic founder and CEO Tim Sweeney and other board members asked me to stay on the board, and I’m thrilled to do so as I’m truly excited about our future games and Unreal Engine 4.
With 10 years under his belt as acting President, it's impossible to imagine Mike not being a part of the team, so luckily he has agreed to serve on the board of directors as well as in an advisory capacity. Mike and his wife are expecting a baby boy and he wants to be a stay at home dad with his newly found freedom. Gotta tell ya Mike, childcare ain't exactly freedom, but it's the greatest feeling in the world. Stay awesome Mike.

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