Monday, December 31, 2012

Quinn DelHoyo Discusses Judgment MP and eSports

Gears of War Judgment has been in the gaming news a lot the past few weeks, mostly regarding the controversial issues surrounding the removal of the Locust from multiplayer and also the removal of the Down But Not Out mechanic.

In a recent interview with GamerHub, Quinn DelHoyo, Multiplayer Designer at Epic Games, discussed the new game mode Overrun and his desire to see it picked up by eSports.

To run down a few of the more important pieces of this video:

  • Judgment is more "simplified" than past titles
  • The game allows players to be "freer"
  • Control change was one of the "biggest, boldest moves" Epic did concerning Judgment
  • Quinn is a big fan of eSports
  • Overrun is designed to be a competitive mode
  • Overrun was designed with eSports in mind
  • 2 lanes instead of 3(+) makes Overrun "focused, intense, fast paced"
  • Overrun "fun to spectate"
  • "From a spectator perspective because it’s a third person camera, OverRun is good for eSports because you can see who the player is controlling"
  • "With the monsters that are in OverRun with the Locusts and all the other classes that are easily defined, someone that’s commentating or casting could easily hypothesize, This guy is a boomer or a mauler and this is what he can do. These are his abilities."
  • "You can predict what is going to happen. And that builds the drama and the intensity that people that watch sports or eSports really enjoy"
  • Overrun has 3 objectives: 2 e-hole covers and destroy generator
  • Overrun "simple, but not shallow"
  • FFA was wanted by fans and "competitive community"
  • FFA stemmed from private KoTH matches where friendly fire was turned on "You want a free for all experience? Now you have one"

In regards to Gears 3 influencing Judgment:
"We’re always trying to tune and evolve and make sure that the experience we have is as well balanced as possible, especially with multiplayer. We’re always looking at weapon damage and kill counts and kill percentages. In addition to the new systems and things that we’ve added to multiplayer, we’ve made a whole balance pass within the weapons to make sure that if you want to play as a sniper there’s a new weapon that’s not as clunky and doesn’t have the reload penalty that perhaps that long shot has. We’ve introduced a new weapon, the semi-automatic, which has a zoom, but it’s not the same zoom as a long shot. You can quickly tote it around and still act as a sniper. We’ve balanced weapons and we’re trying to give everybody who wants to play a different role an equal opportunity to succeed through multiplayer tuning and data mining that we’ve done from the past."

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