Thursday, December 27, 2012

Want Borderlands deals today? XBL has you covered.

During the Xbox Live Daily Deals today, you can pick up Borderlands for $9.99 from Games on Demand. Not only that, but if you want to continue the story, Borderlands 2 is also on GoD for $39.99

I was skeptical about Borderlands since a cartoonish shooter didn't really fit my play style, but man was I wrong. If you can afford to take a chance, these would be excellent games to do so. If you have friends with the game, it's even better.

Also, for those who already own Borderlands 2, the DLC Season Pass is on sale today for 1800 MSP. That's about an $8 savings. Not much when compared to the rest of the cost, but hey, that's a Subway footlong and a couple cookies right there.

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