Thursday, January 3, 2013

Minecraft Xbox 360 hits 5 million copies sold

For most developers, hitting 1 million copies in sales never happens. A lot of games either don't have the potential, or just missed out on snagging a fan base at the right time. An indie game hitting quintuple platinum in under a year is insane.

Minecraft, the simplistic sandbox world filled with blocks and blocky tools, reached 5 million in sales on Monday. It doesn't even seem feasible that such a simple idea would net the fortune it has brought to it's creators. However, if you play it, you will understand. The game is extremely addictive. There's always one more block to mine, one more cavern to explore, one more tree to cut down, and before you know it, you just spent 6 hours playing until 4 am and you have work in the morning.

The game broke sales records for Xbox Live Arcade games within 1 hour after launch, selling 400,000 copies. Already being profitable with that 1 hour worth of sales, in 5 days the game would go on to sell 1 million copies and upset COD fans by becoming the top game on the XBL activity chart for a week in October. Since launch (May 9th, 2012) the game has stayed relatively steady up in the top 5 of the XBL activity charts.

You can still get your own copy of Minecraft for 1600 MSP, or roughly $20 on XBLA.

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