Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Missouri Representative seeks tax on "violent" video games

The Missouri House of Representatives has a big decision to make regarding the debate on violent video games. Republican Diane Franklin of Camdenton has proposed HOUSE BILL NO. 157, a 1% tax on all violent video game sales. But what constitutes a "violent" game in regards to this bill?
144.1020. As used in sections 144.1022 and 144.1024, the term “violent video game” means a video or computer game that has received a rating from the Entertainment Software Rating Board of Teen, Mature, or Adult Only.
That's right. A Teen rated game is now considered in the "violent" category. You want to play Sims 3? WWE '13? Dance Central? Cough up the extra cash. Now, a 1% increase is not large by any means. Even buying the Halo 4 LE Console would mean $4 added to the bill. It is the principle of the action. Targeting video games makes the form of media out to be a scapegoat for the recent Sandy Hook tragedy. It specifically targets video games. No other form of media has been included in this proposal.

The tax revenues, according to this bill, would be used to fund mental health programs and law enforcement measures as a way to combat the possibility of another school shooting.

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