Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pokemon X/Y to hit Worldwide October 2013

Nintendo said they had a big Pokemon surprise for us on January 8th and they did not disappoint. Nintendo unveiled their newest creation: Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. New titles for the Nintendo 3DS, they are the first games not to be named after colors (or gemstones if you want to be picky).

The standard 3 starters were announced as well. Fennekin (the Fire type), Chespin (the Grass type), and Froakie (the Water type) all look to be following the standard formula. The most interesting one looks to be Fennekin, who resembles a baby Vulpix. Although, Froakie looks to be a pretty cool frog type Pokemon.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y have a worldwide release date of October 2013. Specific dates TBA.

You can watch the English version of the announcement here:

The 2 new legendary Pokemon?

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