Wednesday, January 30, 2013

US Senator: Video games are 'a bigger problem than guns'

Once again video games and gamers have been brought to the forefront of the gun control issue. Several congressman have gone on record claiming video games cause violence, as well as the Vice President of the NRA. Now another politician, US Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn), has crossed the aisle.

Speaking to Chuck Todd on MSNBC today, Alexander said, "I think video games is a bigger problem than guns, because video games affect people."

With someone as influential as a United States Senator out there defaming games and gamers alike, this puts our community in a difficult position. Already gamers have dealt with the undeserved backlash of the Sandy Hook shooting from the NRA, Vice President Joe Biden, and now another US Senator has joined some of his fellow congressman to make the video game community a scapegoat. Unbelievable.

[Clip via Daily Kos]

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