Saturday, February 9, 2013

Exclusive news: "Xbox 720 Won't Block Used Games" Sources say

With almost every game journalism site reporting that the Xbox '720' will not allow used games to be played on the console, it's easy to start believing it. These sites however, all report the exact same info with just a few of the usual tweaks to make the story seem unique, all citing the same original source. Finding this report highly unlikely, this journalist did a little digging and asked some questions of an inside source.

According to a confirmed source, the next gen Xbox will not block used games.Speaking with anonymity, the source remarked that it is not, and never has been, under consideration. With a large amount of video game retailers allowing used game sales and trade-ins, not to mention rental companies such as Gamefly or Redbox, refusing to allow these retailers to operate in this manner would almost assuredly cause them to shut down.

Gamestops stock plunged 10% with the rumor that the Xbox '720' would block used games. This misinformation is already having real effects on the market and may cause irreparable harm. Actually blocking used games would cost retail companies millions and result in the loss of thousands of jobs.
"Businesses, such as Gamestop, would be out of business, which is bad for our business." - Source
With this new report, many gamers will be a lot happier that they still will be able to save a couple bucks on used games, or share them with friends,

New reports will be coming in as E3 gets closer.

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