Saturday, February 2, 2013

Gears of War: Judgment Achievement list and Survival mode announced

With Gears Judgment launching in a little under 2 months, fans were wondering when we would hear more about the rumored "Survival" mode. Supposedly, Survival mode is a Horde-based co-op gametype. Rather than playing until wave 50, in this mode you can go as long as you stay alive. Whether that's wave 50 or 150 is a matter of how long you can stand against the Locust horde. Survival mode has been confirmed through the list of achievements down below. That's another thing fans had been waiting for. The Achievement list. There are a few campaign achievements listed below, but none that should reveal any spoilers. If you wish to still be cautious, I recommend turning back now.

The leveling achievements seem a little short. Hopefully the experience needed to level is greater than the Gears 3 version, since a lot of fans reached the max level 100 within a couple of months. Also, there appears to be 3 times you can re-up and level again. If there are more, they have not been announced.

They Called Him Karn10
Completed Museum Of Military Glory 

Open Arms10
Completed Halvo Bay Military Academy 

The Real Thing10
Completed Seahorse Hills 

Take Back This City10
Completed Onyx Point 

I Told You10
Completed Downtown Halvo Bay 

This One's Not Over10
Completed Courthouse 

Completed Aftermath 

Completed all Campaign Chapters on at least Casual difficulty 

Steel Nerves10
Completed all Campaign Chapters on at least Normal difficulty 

Iron Fist25
Completed all Campaign Chapters on at least Hardcore difficulty 

Lion Heart50
Completed all Campaign Chapters on Insane difficulty 

Party People10
Played any section in 4 player Co-Op 

Blood Brothers50
Completed all Campaign Chapters in Co-op 

Challenge Accepted5
Completed your first Declassified mission 

Never Give Up10
Completed at least 20 Declassified missions 

Quality Soldiering50
Completed all Declassified missions 

A Peek into the Future10
Watched Aftermath teaser 

The Aftermath20
Unlocked Aftermath 

Rising Star10
Attained 50 Stars on at least Casual Difficulty 

Shooting Star20
Attained 75 Stars on at least Normal Difficulty 

Star Struck50
Attained 100 Stars on at least Hardcore Difficulty 

Attained all Stars on Insane Difficulty

Never Forgotten10
Recovered 10 COG Tags during the Campaign 

Veteran Remembrance10
Recovered 25 COG Tags during the Campaign 

Respect for the Fallen20
Recovered all 48 COG Tags during the Campaign 

Ribbon Master10
Earned 3 unique Ribbons in any section 

Proud Wearer5
Equipped your first Medal 

Ready for War20
Earned at least one Onyx medal 

Earned the Onyx "War Supporter" medal 

Seriously Judgmental75
Completed all Declassified Missions on Insane difficulty

Level 55
Reached level 5 

Level 1010
Reached level 10 

Level 2010
Reached level 20 

Level 3015
Reached level 30 

Level 4025
Reached level 40 

Level 5025
Reached level 50 

Let's Do This50
Achieved level 50 and chose to re-up for another tour of duty 

Achieved level 50 a second time and chose to re-up for another tour 

Achieved level 50 a third time and chose to re-up for another tour 

Death to Locust10
Killed with all classes of COG in Overrun or Survival 

Death to the COG10
Killed with all classes of Locust in Overrun 

Completed wave 10 on all maps in Survival mode 

Globe Trotter10
Won a match on every map in all Versus modes 

Jack of All Trades10
Won 10 matches of Overrun 

Team Leader10
Won 10 rounds of Team Deathmatch 

All Rounder10
Won one match in Free For All, Team Deathmatch, and Domination 

Roaming Free10
Won one match on every map in Free For All

Team On Tour10
Won one match on every map in Team Deathmatch 

Won one match on every map in Overrun 

Won one match on every map in Domination

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