Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Gears of War: Judgment gets Execution playlist

Epic has teamed up with Maxim to bring an Execution playlist, complete with Down But Not Out feature, and also two new free maps, Haven and Capital.

Down But Not Out means that unless you are hit with a weapon that bypasses DBNO (usually one hit weapons such as boomshot, grenades, direct shotgun impact), you will go into a crawling position which must be finished off with an execution (close quarters kill) and will allow you to be revived by a teammate or by yourself if left alone for a full bleed out time.

Described as an ancient monastery in a frozen wasteland, Haven is an asymmetrical map that provides very little cover, as all roads lead to the middle area. A virtual bloodbath awaits all who enter here, and for those who don't, they have a special surprise for them.
“Nowhere is really safe,” says Lead Level Designer Jim Brown. “It makes for especially hectic Domination games because the rings are easy to access and difficult to defend.”
Execution and the two free maps will be available for download of April 2nd.

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