Friday, February 1, 2013

Quinn Delhoyo leaves Epic Games; Joins 343 Multiplayer team

Quinn Delhoyo, former Multiplayer Designer at Epic Games, has joined the 343i Multiplayer team in Seattle. Stated over twitter:

Pleased to say that I'm leaving a great franchise for another awesome one in Halo. Going to Seattle to join the multiplayer team at 343.

Delhoyo has been an essential part of the Gears of War franchise, joining the team during Gears 2 and continuing that work through Gears 3 and Judgment (launching March 19th).

Delhoyo is quite good at the Halo 4 multiplayer. I recently played with for several games where I noticed his Forerunner loadout system was very impressive. I've interacted with Quinn for several years during my time spent with Gears of War, and hopefully I will get more opportunities in the future with Halo.

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