Thursday, March 14, 2013

Microsoft says Xbox 720 offers are bogus

The internet is full of scams. If you've been on the web for any length of time you have probably run into a few hundred. Email scams about a Nigerian Prince, Facebook scams about donating to orphans, giveaway scams that end up requiring you to sign up for $1,000 worth of services for a $300 prize. All of these are dead giveaways. Gamers were hit hard with some scams about play testers needed for the Xbox 720. Major Nelson made sure to let people know this was fake:

Gamers beware, these scams are popping up everywhere, from FB to twitter to random emails. Most people are smart enough to avoid them like the plague, however these scams work because some will be so focused on getting something for "free" or "exclusive" that they will bite at anything. If they never worked, you would never see them. So remember, Constant Vigilance.

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