Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gears of War movie back on

Since the rumor of a Gears of War movie hit the stage back in 2009, fans were hoping to see the game come to life on the big screen. Originally set for a 2010 launch, the talks fell apart due to “creative differences” and the movie was shelved. Now, it looks like the film might just make it to reality.

Producer Scott Stuber has signed on with the project. Stuber is known for multiple big budget films, including the recent action film Battleship and the humorously crude comedy Ted. At this time no writers or distributors have been attached to the project, however Stuber has announced he will work with his own studio Bluegrass Films, with Epic Games developing the script and financing the movie.

With the less-than-stunning release of their recent game Gears of War: Judgment, would Epic Games find it more profitable to have the film set during the Gears 1 era? This would be 14 years after the start of the war, but it is the game a lot of long-time fans have claimed has the best storyline.

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