Monday, June 3, 2013

343 hiring designer for “revolutionary multiplayer experiences” on future Halo game

With the huge success of the Halo franchise, each game ramps it up in innovation from it’s predecessors. Now, it looks as if 343 wants to raise the bar once again.

A recent advertisement on Microsoft’s career page is calling for an experienced designer to design and develop “revolutionary new multiplayer experiences” for a future Halo title. The requirements for said position are extensive. The candidate must have past AAA multiplayer game design experience, be fully versed in all past Halo multiplayers, have extensive knowledge of Halo’s Forge and Custom game design, and most importantly, be a Halo fan. Gotta love what you do, right?

Since there is no name attached to this “future Halo” title, we are left to speculate. With Halo 5 and 6 already confirmed, it’s highly possible one of these two games are the goal.

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