Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Halo: Spartan Assault announced for Windows 8 devices

Speculation has been flying about Microsoft’s claims on several website domains dealing with “Halo Spartan Assault”. People were not sure if it was a new game, a comic series, maybe something to do with the new Halo TV series. Today it was revealed however, to be a Windows phone/Windows 8 system game.

343i, teaming with Vanguard Games, has brought top-down to the world of Halo. It’s a twin-stick action shooter that uses touch screen controls for Windows phones and Windows 8 tablets and standard keyboard/mouse controls  on Windows 8 PC’s. There will be an update several weeks after the launches that will allow PC gamers to use an Xbox 360 controller as well. There has been no confirmation if the game will ever receive a port to iOS or Android systems as it is being developed and optimized for Windows platform. The game saves across multiple devices, allowing you to start on your home computer, and continue on your phone as you walk out the door.

Set between Halo 3 and Halo 4,  Spartan Assault follows Commander Sarah Palmer as she goes from ODST to Spartan and battles Covenant forces while serving on the UNSC Infinity. The game is considered canon and provides some new insights into the past of the Human/Covenant war. Launching alongside this new game is a new comic series Halo: Initiation which follows Palmer further on her journey to become a legendary Spartan.

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