Thursday, June 27, 2013

Microsoft developing adapter for Xbox 360 headsets to work on Xbox One

Microsoft has gone another 180 degrees on one of their policies. Responding to a querent on twitter, Xbox Support confirmed they are currently working on an adapter for the Xbox One that would for current gen headsets to be useable.

With all of the criticism Microsoft received after the announcement that current generation headsets would not work with their newest console, it’s not surprising they would decide to create an adapter for it. Now, it obviously won’t stand up against the next gen headsets being created specifically for the Xbox One, but with the news that there will not be a headset included with the Xbox One console, this is sure to mollify fans.


  1. OJsBl00dyGl0ve2 - I noticed that it said currently "wired" headsets...what about my $250 wireless turtle beach?

    1. Specific headsets haven't been revealed.