Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Next-gen consoles have direct streaming capabilities

With the console war heating up, the combatants bring new features to the gaming table. Xbox One and PS4 both announced that the consoles will allow for online streaming direct from the console itself.
Microsoft announced that it is partnering with Twitch to take their gaming platform to the next level.

“Live broadcasting has continued to grow in popularity, but sharing your console experience has never been this easy,” Emmett Shear, Twitch CEO, said in a statement. “Xbox Live Gold is enabling the ability to both upload your gameplay directly to Twitch and to stream Twitch content on Xbox One. The impact of this level of console integration will be a true game changer.”

Marc Whitten, Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer commented as well stating “Twitch is a premier destination for broadcasters and spectators. Now, with Twitch built into Xbox One, we will deliver breakthrough experiences where any gamer can become a broadcaster. Enabled with Kinect, Xbox Live and Twitch, your voice and video allow for instant streaming, voiceover capabilities and interaction with viewers.”

Sony chose to go with USTREAM to cement their previous business ties to the streaming company.

This will definitely change up how the gaming community will interact with each other. Gamers will no longer need to run capture cards to their laptops or desktops. Instead, everything they are playing will be sent directly to their accounts online for viewers to see. One question remains though. With everyone streaming, who will actually be watching?

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