Monday, June 10, 2013

Ryse: Son of Rome reveal

As launch titles go, Ryse: Son of Rome is an impressive addition. The graphics are astounding and the only register your mind makes between cinematics and gameplay is the camera angle. Edges are crisp and the gore is both brutal and beautifully rendered.

Players control a Roman general whose first task is to storm and capture a beachhead. The action and setting is reminiscent of the Normandy campaign when the allied forces fought to wrest control of France from German occupation. Catapults, arrows, and swords bars the Roman legion from advancing to the enemy position, and your task is to get your men safely through to take out the enemy stronghold.

Mixing hack n’ slash third party mechanics with quick time events makes the combat flow smoothly. The image of piercing an enemy’s neck is hard to shake and the game looks to be a large amount of fun. Ryse: Son of Rome will launch alongside the Xbox One this November.

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