Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Microsoft update turns your MSP into a cash balance and gives you only a year to use it

With Microsoft rolling out the latest update for the Xbox 360, one of the biggest changes was implementing the rollover from Microsoft points to actual dollar figures. The goal being to eliminate the controversial policy that gamers have been upset with for more than 6 years. The unfortunate reality, is that it now comes with a stiff price.

Gamers who signed up for the new dashboard beta are getting their first taste of the new system. MSP are being converted and balances are being given out, but they come with a catch. They expire. This information was first posted on the Microsoft FAQ.
When you initiate a purchase or redeem a Points card or code with your Microsoft account after the next Xbox 360 system update, we’ll add to your account an amount of currency equal to or greater than the Marketplace value of your Microsoft Points, and your Microsoft Points will be retired. The currency we add to your account at the time of the transition will expire on June 1, 2015. However, the currency you purchase and add to your account after the transition will not expire.
Microsoft did not respond to follow up questions when this was pointed out. Many felt that it must be some sort of mistake. That Microsoft really wouldn't tell you that your own money would just go poof. Well, it turns out the truth is even worse than that.

According to this email from Microsoft, you only get one year to use them from the time they are deposited into your account. It was a ridiculous concept when it was 2 years, but now it's only a single year? These are not promotional offers that expire after a certain amount of time. This is your money. Your own money that Microsoft will take away from you for the simple reason of time. Whether it is $8 or $80, this policy is absurd. Microsoft is not a bank that can charge fees for holding onto your money. That is not their business. Their business is to sell products. Instead, they literally are robbing you. I would advise you to stick to Microsoft points for as long as you possibly can and avoid being a participant in this newest dashboard beta.

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